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MICR Technology and Engineering

Rosetta Technologies is a pioneer in the field of MICR printing. Our state-of-the-art engineering lab contains the testing instruments needed to ensure that we're providing our customers with high-performance MICR solutions. Every component is tested and validated by our engineers including, MICR printers, MICR toner, check and IRD printing software, post processing equipment, supplies and consumables.

Before a new printer is added to the Rosetta product line an exhaustive evaluation of the characteristics of the print-engine, print controller and raster image processor (RIP) is completed.

The development of a MICR printer is a lengthy and iterative process requiring detailed knowledge and experience in mono and dual-component electrophotography, chemistry, statistics, electrical and software engineering and manufacturing.

Rosetta Technologies' team of engineers and chemists have a combined average of more than 25 years of MICR technology experience. They have developed an exclusive process for each model of printer that is chosen to be "MICRized". The following steps outline the intricate process in MICR printer engineering.

  • The team instruments and tests fully-configured standard versions of the printer. This extensive testing results in a performance data base that characterizes the printer’s operational performance parameters from first page out to full monthly duty cycle.
  • The data is then analyzed and used to create a MICR toner that matches the performance characteristics of the printer, while providing the signal strength, optical density, toner adhesion and cohesion, and yield required to meet ANSI and bank specifications for MICR printing. It also ensures that the toner produces a competitive yield for MICR printing.
  • This candidate MICR toner is then evaluated against these criteria by periodic printing of MICR lines, which are run through a MICR verifier and a new data base created to measure MICR signal strength, character formation, toner adhesion and cohesion and toner yield. This is an iterative process, often requiring changes to toner formulation, and each new candidate toner starts the process and data collection and evaluation anew. During this process, the E13-B and CMC 7 MICR fonts are tuned based on both print engine and toner characteristics to produce MICR characters that will be able to pass the rigorous evaluation of a bank reader-sorter for multiple passes.
  • Finally, in our printer production process, every MICR printer is tested and the sample checks are evaluated on a MICR verifier for MICR signal strength and character formation, along with toner adhesion.

Once the MICR toner and printer have been fully tested and verified they are released for general availability. This comprehensive process ensures that Rosetta Technologies' products conform to the industry's most stringent standards and guarantees the highest in MICR quality for our customers. Rosetta stands behind this quality by offering the MICR Performance Guarantee.

Rosetta Technologies Corporation is committed to providing our customers the highest quality MICR products and services. This value statement is further extended through Rosetta Technologies Corporation’s MICR Performance Guarantee.

The Rosetta Technologies MICR Performance Guarantee applies to Rosetta Technologies’-branded, MICR-enhanced Ricoh printers purchased in the United States and Canada. For the warranty and this MICR Performance Guarantee to be in force, the following conditions must be met: the printer must have been acquired from Rosetta Technologies Corporation, or an authorized Rosetta Technologies’ reseller; operated following Rosetta-approved procedures, using MICR toner, MICR developer, MICR cartridges, maintenance kits, or PCDU’s manufactured by Rosetta Technologies; using Rosetta MICR fonts, and continuously maintained by a Rosetta Technologies’ service plan or a Rosetta Technologies’ approved service provider.

Should you experience bank-reported MICR quality or reject problems, Rosetta Technologies Corporation will work with your bank to investigate and resolve them. If we are unable to resolve the issues, Rosetta Technologies will reimburse you for fees you may be charged by your bank for rejected checks over their acceptable rate. It must be verified by Rosetta Technologies that Rosetta Technologies’ MICR materials or printer-related modifications caused the problem that resulted in the fees. This applies only to fees imposed after you have notified Rosetta Technologies Corporation of the problem.

This guarantee does not apply to any damage or loss due to no fault of Rosetta Technologies Corporation such as mixing standard and MICR toner cartridges and Photoconductor Drum Units, or for losses other than check rejection fees charged by your bank. Nor does it apply to Rosetta MICR cartridges or PCDU’s used in printers that are not Rosetta Technologies branded.

To report bank reject problems, contact Rosetta Technologies at 1-800-937-4224, option 2, Hardware.

Rosetta Technologies is a member of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and other industry groups that regulate MICR specifications. Our participation with these groups allows Rosetta to remain on the forefront of MICR technology standards.

To ensure that Rosetta Technologies printing solutions meet and exceed all industry standards the company is actively engaged with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and various other governing committees dedicated to establishing industry standards and practices. These include:

MICR Printing Specifications (US)

  • X9.27 Print Specifications for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
  • X9.100-20 Print & Test Specifications for Magnetic Ink Printing
  • X9.100-160-1 Placement and Location of Magnetic Ink Printing (MICR)
  • X9.100-160-2 Placement and Location of Magnetic Ink Printing (MICR)

X9 Electronic Cash Letter Specifications

  • DSTU X9.37-2003 Image Cash Letter Specification
  • X9.100-187 Specifications for Electronic Exchange of Check and Image Data
  • X9.100-180 Specifications for Electronic Exchange of Check and Image Data

IRD Specifications

  • X9.100-140 Specifications for an Image Replacement Document (IRD)

Canadian CRD/RRD Specifications

  • X9.100-187 Specifications for Forward Delivery and Returns Delivery
  • X9 100-140 for CRD
  • CPA Standard 006
  • CPA Standard 013

This assures our customers that Rosetta's MICR printing solutions and IRD printing solutions are product documents that are universally accepted throughout the US banking industry. By providing turnkey solutions the company is able to insure both forward and backward compatibility as standards evolve.

Rosetta Technologies is a revolutionary team of customers, employees, vendors, and partners creating and delivering innovative print technology and solutions to the market. Our mission is to translate this technology into MICR print solutions that transform your business and relationships with your customers.

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