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ProMark™ MICR Toner

Since the invention of laser MICR toner, researchers have struggled to develop toner that could match the reader-sorter performance of checks printed using magnetic inks. Ink penetrates check stock and is locked into the paper’s fibers. Laser toner sits on top of the paper, which in certain environments can create problems with toner adhesion and cohesion. Running checks through reader-sorter machines makes things worse, by exposing them to friction and heat. Toner rubs off, making subsequent reads less reliable and increasing rejects. And as the toner gums up the reader sorters, the equipment becomes less reliable and requires more frequent maintenance.

Rosetta Technologies' ground breaking ProMark™ MICR toner is the industry's first polyester-based MICR toner specially formulated for the most demanding check and IRD printing environments. While typical MICR toner is polystyrene-based, Rosetta's ProMark™ MICR toner is polyester-based, which is proven to withstand higher temperatures and have stronger cohesion properties.

Combined with other proprietary elements of the toner formulation, ProMark™ MICR toner virtually eliminates reader-sorter rejects. While traditional polystyrene-based toners typically yield 4-5% reader/sorter reject rates, independent testing of Rosetta’s ProMark™ MICR toner has produced reject rates of 0.1% or less. Designed for customers who are especially concerned with reject rates, ProMark™ MICR toner approaches the reader-sorter performance of ink!

The following chart compares reader/ sorter performance for four different MICR media. As demonstrated, ProMark™ MICR toner experiences the lowest reject rate of any laser MICR toner on the market.

ProMark™ MICR toner cartridges for check printing is available on a variety of Rosetta Technologies' MICR printers.

1. As indicated, reject rates for typical MICR toner ranges from 2-4%
2. Source: Xerox.com, © 1999-2008 XEROX CORPORATION.
3. As determined by independent testing on an IBM 3890 high-speed reader/sorter

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