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What are your options?

The Federal Reserve offers return items in two types of files - Electronic Cash Letters containing X9.37 files, and PDF files. Review the differences >

Recent changes at the Federal Reserve Bank such as increasing IRD printing fees and the closing of print locations has forced many financial institutions to rethink their return items processing strategy.

The FRB has given their customers two options - to receive X9.37 files or, for customers receiving less than 100 items per day, PDF files of their IRDs that can be printed on a MICR IRD printer.

For those institutions opting to receive PDFs, important considerations must be made about the type of printer, MICR toner and paper that will be used to print the IRDs. Without a MICR-engineered printer and toner, institutions could be setting themselves up for quality and imaging problems that may result in future rejects as the IRDs are processed back through the system.

Now there is an affordable pre-packaged product that institutions can rely on for high-quality MICR printing for all their IRDs: Rosetta Technologies’ PDF Print Pack. The PDF Print Pack is an affordable and easy-to-use solution that includes everything needed for financial institutions to quickly and easily print high-quality MICR IRDs from PDF files downloaded from the Fedline Web® or Secure Transport without the need for additional software or extensive IT support.

The PDF Print Pack provides many benefits to financial institutions:

  • No changes are required to your current processes for handling returns and charging back depositors
  • Cuts costs and saves time by eliminating couriers
  • Flexible MICR printer can be used for other MICR applications as well as standard office

The PDF Print Pack provides everything needed to easily print high-quality IRDs from PDF files downloaded from the Fedline Web or Secure Transport:

  • 31ppm duplex MICR IRD Printer
  • MICR Toner Cartridge (1.5k yield)
  • 24lb. IRD Paper (200 sheets, 2-perf)
  • Installation Guide and User Manuals
  • Rosetta 7 x 24 Toll-Free Tech Support Line
  • One Year Advanced Exchange Warranty
  • Onsite service plans available.

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