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The Federal Reserve offers return items in two types of files - Electronic Cash Letters containing X9.37 files, and PDF files. Review the differences >

The pre-packaged solution for accepting and processing X9.37 electronic cash letters.

With the Federal Reserve closing down paper print and processing locations, now is an important time to evaluate your return items process. Receiving paper returns from the Fed could take four or five days—or more—once the changes go into effect. This puts banks and credit unions at risk for releasing funds before they receive notification of a rejected item, and potentially losing those funds. Now there is a better way to manage all types of electronic items received from the Fed and other exchange partners: Rosetta Technologies’ OnSight returns processing solution.

OnSight is an all-in-one, easy-to-use system that includes everything needed for financial institutions to quickly and easily transform and print IRDs from X9 electronic cash letters, without the need for costly software or extensive IT support.

With OnSight the return item process can be accomplished in 4 easy steps:

  1. Each morning the ECL files are downloaded from the Federal Reserve or other item processor. OnSight can work with any type of X9.37, including forwards and returns and has powerful capabilities for managing data errors and other exceptions.
  2. OnSight transforms the X9.37 files into printable Image Replacement Documents (IRDs). OnSight ensures that each IRD is compliant with all current standards created by the X9 Accredited Standards Committee and the Federal Reserve's Univeral Companion Document.
  3. The IRD files are automatically printed on Rosetta's OnSight MICR printer, included as part of the total solution. The OnSight software and printer are tightly coupled, ensuring ASC X9 output standards. Also the security features prevent unauthorized printing or manipulation of items.
  4. Paper items are processed for chargeback or representment. Chargebacks can be mailed to deposit-holders and other items can be resubmitted by scanning the IRDs into your Check 21 application.

OnSight includes everything you need to get started:

Add these options for even more functionality and value:

*Customers may return OnSight to Rosetta Technologies within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price, excluding original shipping charges. The system must be returned in good condition and working order with all components and all related documentation and manuals, and in its original packaging materials, ordinary wear and tear excepted. A valid Return Material Authorization must be received from Rosetta Technologies prior to returning the system.

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