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Pro MICR Cutsheet Printing Applications

For more than 20 years Rosetta Technologies has been a leader in MICR printing solutions. With advanced MICR toner chemistry and optimized print engine controls, the Ricoh Pro MICR printers offer faster time-to-benefit, and a lower total-cost-of-ownership to our customers.

Check Printing

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) is used to describe the characters and symbols at the bottom of a check. These characters consist of specially designed, standardized fonts that are printed with ink or toner that contains magnetic material.

As checks travel through the check processing system they pass through large reader-sorter machines that identify the individual magnetic strength of each character, which specifies the routing and account numbers. It is a requirement that these characters be printed with MICR toner to ensure they can be efficiently processed. If the numbers are printed on a check with standard toner, the check will be rejected and the issuer will be subject to a fine per item rejected.

When combined with the Rosetta’s flexible software solutions including CheckStream check printing software and MICR Print Manager, the Pro MICR printers forms a robust, end-to-end solution for printing checks in the most all types of production environments.

TransPromo MICR Printing

TransPromo printing allows marketers to include personalized marketing messages with important statements, invoices and other direct mailing documents to form a direct, one-to-one communication with their customers. TransPromo is a proven marketing vehicle that garners increased revenues, lower costs and improved customer loyalty.

Now, with Rosetta’s Pro MICR printers, marketers can broaden their TransPromo capabilities by leveraging the power of MICR to other communications that include checks, such as healthcare reimbursement checks, insurance claims checks and other forms of reimbursements and incentives.

In addition to MICR applications, the high-quality MICR toner in the Pro MICR printers can be used for printing where durability and adhesion is of utmost importance. From retail shelf tags to ID tags to coupon books, MICR toner is proven to withstand pressure, friction and heat better than standard toner

Image Replacement Document (IRD) Printing

The "Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act", also known as “Check 21”, encourages financial institutions to exchange images of checks rather than the physical check. While many banks have implemented this method of exchange, many others still require a hardcopy of the check for processing. In these instances an Image Replacement Document (IRD) is required.

Because IRDs are negotiable documents like checks, they must also be printed using MICR toner. Rosetta Technologies offers end-to-end IRD printing solutions including X9Print™ software and Pro MICR Production printers. X9Print is a robust group of applications that provide the required functionality for converting image files into compliant IRD files and then securely outputting on Pro MICR printers.

Another essential component to Rosetta’s IRD printing solution is ProMark™ MICR toner. ProMark™ MICR toner is the industry’s first polyester-based MICR toner specially formulated for the most demanding IRD printing environments. While typical MICR toner is polystyrene-based, ProMark™ MICR toner is polyester-based, which is proven to withstand higher temperatures and have stronger cohesion properties. Combined with other proprietary elements of the toner formulation, ProMark™ MICR toner virtually eliminates reader-sorter rejects, which is especially important in printing IRDs.

Rosetta Technologies is a revolutionary team of customers, employees, vendors, and partners creating and delivering innovative print technology and solutions to the market. Our mission is to translate this technology into MICR print solutions that transform your business and relationships with your customers.

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