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X9Print System Administrator

Gain control over your IRD printing environment with Rosetta Technologies’ X9Print System Administrator. With X9Print System Administrator administrators can fully harness the power of Rosetta’s X9Print Director, X9Print Remote Capture and X9Print Returns software by gaining complete oversight into their IRD printing environment.

X9Print System Administrator saves administrators valuable time and makes the IRD printing process more efficient by aggregating important files such as incoming x9 files, outgoing PCL IRD files, processed log files, audit log files and mail files into one user-friendly color-coded menu.

X9Print System Administrator displays each file and allows users to decide what action, if any, needs to be taken with each file. It eliminates the need to navigate deep into systems folders to find printing errors, warnings and successes. Other panes feature filters and search options that make navigation quick and easy.

X9Print System Administrator allows administrators to:

  • View real-time notifications and warnings
  • View logs of all actions performed
  • Efficiently manage files from the high level, or individual log files
  • Submit and resubmit at the job level
  • Launch & view each file type
  • Purge all, or a selected number, of files that are more than 30 days old

X9Print System Administrator gives added access and control over the largest and most complex IRD printing environments.

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