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Electronic Image Cash Letters vs. PDFs

The Federal Reserve Bank is now offering the FedReceipt Plus products for financial institutions wanting to eliminate the need to receive paper items. FedReceipt Plus offers many benefits including improved processing efficiencies and elimination of transportation delays.

With FedReceipt Plus, there are two different file types you can receive - Files containing X9.37 Electronic Image Cash Letters (ECL) or PDF files containing formatted Image Replacement Documents. No matter which one you decide on, Rosetta has the solution for you. The following chart will help you to determine which is the best option for your company.

ECL Files PDF Files
Method of Delivery X9 image cash letter files are downloaded from the FedLine Web®.

An application such as OnSight is then used to transform the files into an IRD format and output on a MICR IRD printer.
PDF files are delivered on the same delivery schedule as paper items with the file sent by 2 p.m. local time.

Using Adobe Acrobat or similar application, the Fed requires that PDFs are then output as IRDs a printer utilizing MICR toner.
Timing of File Delivery X9 files are available for download first thing each morning. PDF files are emailed at some point during the day. Exact times vary.
Page Layout IRDs are printed 3 to a page, on 8 1/2" x 11" perforated paper. IRDs may then be hand-separated or run through a paper burster. IRDs are printed 1-up on standard paper. IRDs may then be manually cut or run through a paper cutter.
Auditing In the case of OnSight, all X9 data is tracked in the printing process including:
Who printed the IRD
When it was printed
What printer it was printed on
Whether it successfully printed
Whether it was reprinted
The file name, routing numbers, and amounts.
It is not possible to audit the PDF files. They are static files that are received and printed.
Security Users must have log in rights to view or print X9 files. Output is restricted to an authorized MICR print device. Advanced tracking capabilities in the software enables all files and activities to be monitored and reported on. PDF portability and ease of file sharing allows the IRD print file to be easily emailed, printed and reprinted by anyone. Users should set document security to prevent unauthorized printing..
Readability The X9 files are transformed into IRD files that are guaranteed to comply with the industry standard for IRD data placement and positioning. Adobe Acrobat settings must be properly configured on each user PC, otherwise Acrobat may scale the PDF file resulting in MICR font size and line positioning issues.
Qualifier Strip OnSight removes the qualified strip digitally before the IRDs are printed. The qualifier strip is included in the PDF file, so the strip must be manually removed once the IRD is printed. This is a sensitive process because, if done incorrectly, the MICR line may not read correctly.
Error Notification Users are notified of any warnings or errors such as missing information, incorrect MICR line, etc. Adobe Acrobat does not recognize whether the IRDs within the file contains any warnings or errors - such as a missing return reason code, or poorly positioned MICR line.
Rosetta Solution OnSight is an affordable and easy-to-use solution that includes everything needed for financial institutions to quickly and easily transform and print IRDs from X9 electronic cash letters. Learn More > The PDF Print Pack includes a printer, MICR toner cartridge, IRD paper, 7x24 tech support and 3-year express exchange warranty - everything an institution needs to print high-quality IRDs from PDFs. Learn More >

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