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Rosetta Technologies Launches Universal Print Management Software

March 10, 2017

Rosetta Technologies, a leading provider of Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) printers and check and Image Replacement Document (IRD) software solutions, today announced the launch of its comprehensive print management solution, Rosetta Print Manager, or RPM.

RPM is server-based software that manages the flow of print output, digital information, and scanned images from virtually any source to any output device. RPM runs on UNIX, Linux, Windows and iSeries (AS/400) servers to optimize company resources by improving print workflows in local, production, or remote environments. RPM provides a centralized intelligent print management system that routes jobs to the most appropriate device with full status visibility and job level control. It is equally appropriate for organizations managing clusters of production-class printers in one location or hundreds of workgroup printers spread across the enterprise.

RPM represents the first major software solution Rosetta Technologies has introduced outside the check printing market. "Most people know us through our reputation in the MICR industry, but it is through our experience in MICR workflows that we are able to expand our print management expertise to non-MICR applications," stated Robert Hullar, President of Rosetta Technologies.

Addressing issues beyond MICR workflows, RPM brings the benefits of intelligent job routing and device consolidation to every organization. RPM offers cross-platform compatibility and automatically routes jobs to the best device based on job characteristics, manages load balancing across output devices, and can reroute jobs in the event of printer error or backlogs to increase productivity. RPM can also reduce the need for specialized hardware. For example, with integrated support for bar code printing, users can create UPC labels, shipping documents, and more using ordinary laser printers. In addition to delivering page-level control to administrators, the software is also capable of forms creation and can merge data from applications such as Oracle/PeopleSoft, SAP, QAD and others into plain paper coupons, mass mailings, invoices, purchase orders, and yes, even checks.

"Many companies think right-sizing their printer fleets, implementing user authentication tools and quota solutions will control printing costs. Those are great first steps, but those alone will not minimize waste or ensure business critical output is delivered to the point of need when you need it", continued Hullar.

"Rosetta Print Manager does. It is designed specifically to reduce total prints and streamline document delivery to boost productivity and our customers' bottom line."

Rosetta Print Manager presents a simplified graphic user interface but is capable of a wide range of advanced security and device restriction features to keep data and sensitive materials secure at all times. RPM also offers multiple volume tracking and reporting tools for cost recovery needs.

Rosetta Print Manager runs on Windows operating systems 7, 8, 10, Server 2008 R2 and Server 2012 R2 with support for English, Spanish, Portuguese and French languages.

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