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The Great Check 21 Land Grab

Written By: Glen Fossella

Rosetta Technologies is dedicated to developing and marketing the world’s most technically advanced printers, software and consumables for magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) applications. Rosetta’s X9Print software suite and production MICR printers are deployed at several Top Ten banks and some of the industry’s largest item processors. The company’s solutions are used to process tens-of-millions of items monthly at scores of locations nationwide. Additionally, Rosetta offers consumables, post-processing equipment, and 24x7 support.

We have produced this white paper for our customers, partners, and prospects to present our view of the current and potential future state of check processing. The continuing evolution of payments in general and Check 21 in particular are very dynamic. In this paper, we look at the continuing evolution of the processes and technology that came about due to the implementation of Check 21 in October, 2004. We evaluate the current Check 21 landscape as well as examining the future of the industry based on the actions of the major players in the industry.

Rosetta Technologies is a revolutionary team of customers, employees, vendors, and partners creating and delivering innovative print technology and solutions to the market. Our mission is to translate this technology into MICR print solutions that transform your business and relationships with your customers.

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