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X9Print Director

Rosetta Technologies' X9Print Director is the most robust and scalable IRD print software available on the market today. The system provides a complete and extensible printing solution that outputs substitute checks that meet ANS X9.100-140-2004 standards in any of the required formats. X9Print Director provides for conversion of ANS X9.90/100 and other input file formats to print-ready IRDs. It supports job sorting and re-composition, queue management, load balancing, audit and security functions, and printer failover protection.

With X9Print Director you can:

  • Print forward, return and qualified return IRDs
  • Manage multiple centralized and distributed printers
  • Create cash letter, bundle detail reports
  • Produce printer & enterprise audit & log reports
  • Supports branch, merchant and corporate capture
  • Fully customizable to meet unique requirements

X9Print Director provides six key functions:

Job Composition

X9Print Director software composition engine allows importing check images and the associated data and the assembly of IRDs defined in the ANSI X9.100-140-2004 specification. IRDs may be composed using standard data formats or customized to accommodate non-standard data.

The intelligent composition engine includes an intuitive graphical set-up interface that insures a fast learning curve and easy operation. Print composition also allows the configuration of IRD's for 3-up output subject to the specific capabilities of the destination printer.

X9Print Security Printing

X9Print Director controls the delivery of print jobs to any network-attached Rosetta Technologies MICR printer. It is optimized to support bi-directional communications and allows tracking of significant events. This allows the print job manager to track not only when a job is delivered to the printer but also when each page is delivered into the output tray.

X9Print Director may be configured for automated recovery and can redirect print jobs to another network printer in the event of printer failures. It adds bursting or cut marks to optimize IRD post-processing.

X9Print Job Re-composition

Re-composition allows seamless transfer of a job from one MICR printer to another. A job originally composed to print on one printer may be recomposed to print on another that requires different print parameters, for example when feeder trays or output trays are configured differently.

Re-composition allows IRDs to be effectively and efficiently sent to any MICR printer or any print site in your enterprise.

X9Print Intelligent Job Recovery

The recovery function enables print jobs to be terminated on one printer and the remainder of the job to be sent to another. Tracking of each page delivered into the output trays reduces the possibility of an IRD being printed twice after a paper jam or power failure.

Reporting and Auditing

X9Print Director's reporting and audit function captures a wide variety of important print job functions and events.

These include log files that capture the following:

  • Date & time job received by print manager
  • Date & time job delivered to a specified printer
  • Date & time printed and delivered to output tray

Standard reports are also produced that contain the following:

  • Collection detail information
  • Batch detail information

X9Print Director also accounts and supports the operational controls and service level requirements for installation at a central MICR printing location.

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