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Cash In With CheckStream Commercial

Are you a commercial printer seeking new ways to grow your business? We’ve got one.

Introducing CheckStream Commercial, the latest addition to Rosetta Technologies’ family of check printing software applications. Optimized for commercial printing environments, CheckStream Commercial offers unparalleled workflow flexibility and control to create check forms quickly and profitably on your networked laser printers, opening new business-building opportunities for you.

CheckStream Commercial provides everything you need to generate blank checks in a commercial print environment. Whether printing blank personal checks, business checks, or large multi-up sheets of blank checks, CheckStream Commercial gives you the tools to design those checks and print them on demand – in any quantity – from a library of electronic check forms. And, if you print live checks for customers as a service, CheckStream supports variable data merging, signature and logo placement, multiple bank accounts and audit logging for a complete transactional check printing solution.

Our bundled WYSIWYG check form design tool, CheckStream Designer, allows users to create their own customized templates and store them for fast reprinting. Quickly modify check designs as needed, and easily create new versions for similar accounts. Digitize entire workflows and incorporate features such as logos, incremented check numbering, reverse numbering, and cut-stack number ordering in various multi-up check stock formats.

CheckStream Commercial is intelligent, so it can apply conditional logic for tightly controlled printing workflows. It can take input from various sources and manage multiple production-class MICR laser printers across the enterprise to produce volumes of high quality, ANSI Standards-compliant blank checks, ready for use by your customers. Print jobs at the point-of-need whether across the room or across the country. Simply load blank or pre-printed offset check shells. CheckStream Commercial can know which jobs go with a particular check stock and can automatically route the job to the right printer and select the proper paper tray for greater efficiencies.

So if you’re looking into digital on-demand check printing to expand your services, let Rosetta Technologies help you cash in with CheckStream Commercial.

Create More Than Blank Checks

CheckStream Commercial can print stacks of blank personal checks, top/middle/bottom business checks, and multi-up sheets with or without NCR paper interleaving ready for cutting and collation into bound or perforated checkbooks. Digital check printing eliminates minimum volume thresholds and allows you to accept virtually any job in any quantity and turn around finished check stacks in minutes. CheckStream Commercial prints only the pages you need in the numbering range required to reduce waste. Split jobs to balance loads among output devices, and automatically reroute jobs in the event of a printer error. Simultaneously create digital images for secure paperless document storage and retrieval. Multi-layered security keeps data safe and prevents unauthorized check printing.

For service bureaus and payroll companies printing high volumes of live checks, CheckStream Commercial is the perfect tool to create the output. It merges the check form with incoming variable data and sends it to the appropriate printer, either automatically or under operator control. Jobs can be retained securely in the queue for reprinting and archiving.

In fact CheckStream Commercial is not limited to only printing checks. Easily create any type of document template your customers require from blank invoices to form letters, coupons, insurance claim explanation of benefits, and more. Checks and other documents can be combined intelligently and printed all at once, rather than having to manually merge documents after printing. Speed collation tasks and insertion into the US mail stream. Eliminate human error and improve your bottom line with CheckStream Commercial.

CheckStream Commercial includes:

  • CheckStream Commercial software
  • 1 Printer Connect
  • CheckStream Designer
  • CheckStream Print Manager
  • 4 ready - to - use electronic check forms
  • Input control file format
  • Auditing and logging

Rosetta Technologies is a revolutionary team of customers, employees, vendors, and partners creating and delivering innovative print technology and solutions to the market. Our mission is to translate this technology into MICR print solutions that transform your business and relationships with your customers.

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