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Rosetta Technologies & Enduring Images Announce the Launch of their CerPrint 3500 Ceramic Decal Printer

September 23, 2018

Enduring Images, a leading provider of ceramic decal printers and Rosetta Technologies, a leading provider of Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) printers have teamed up to create a unique and affordable solution for studio potters, artists, schools and universities who wish to create ceramic decals that can be transferred to and fired on ceramic pieces.

The CerPrint 3500, a 30 page-per-minute laser printer, has been specially engineered to handle a toner with a high amount of ceramic pigment and print successfully to various decal media. Printing at 1200x1200 dots per inch resolution, the CerPrint 3500 produces true black ceramic decals for almost any ceramic substrate – glazed, unglazed, glossy or matte, on a variety of decal media.

Ron Manwiller, COO of Enduring Images stated “The holy grail has always been to create a true black ceramic toner, something that will replace the iron-bearing toners that yield sepia images in use by many artists today.” And, he added, “it was also important that it be an affordable solution within the reach of the average potter or school budget. With the engineering skills of Rosetta Technologies and our knowledge of the industry, I believe we have achieved our goal.”

The CerPrint 3500 comes ready to use, and includes a pack of fluxed decal paper. When fired to 1600o F, the finished result is durable, food safe, dishwasher proof and has superb depth of color. Both black and grayscale images can be rendered with very reliable accuracy. All that is needed is a computer and high quality digital images to complete the process, and of course, a ceramic kiln.

Rob Hullar, President of Rosetta Technologies said, “I got this call from Ron, telling me that we were recommended to him as a company that might be able to create what he was looking for in a ceramic decal printer. My ears perked up, as I had been a potter in a past life and still have an abiding love for the craft and the people who create ceramic art. He told me what he wanted and I started working on it. As a print engineering company, we had a lot combined knowledge in creating laser printer toners with relatively high amounts of inorganic metallic pigments in them. The trick has always been to get it to work in a laser printer that wasn’t designed to do that. Ron and I were both very excited when we finally came up with the perfect formulation and saw the fired results.” He added, “We live in the Digital Age and young artists are very involved in that world and the almost unlimited creative potential it offers. This is a perfect tool for exploring that potential.”

The CerPrint 3500 has additional materials available for use with it. Enduring Images offers a fluxed decal paper that fires to 1200oF, in addition to the 16000F paper. Both work with the True Black Ceramic toner. A non-fluxed waterslide decal paper is available also, for use in combination with Enduring Image’s spray flux overcoat. The spray overcoat is available in both 12000F and 16000F formulations. The CerPrint 3500 and accessories are available directly from Enduring Images and Amazon.com. For further information contact:

Ron Manwiller
Enduring Images
303 278 8868

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